With a burner insert from TenderFlame, you can have lively, dancing flames in an open fireplace again. Increasingly, open fires are being banned because of unhealthy air quality, or can't be used due to technical or structural faults. Our burners don't give off any odor, smoke or harmful emissions and there is no need for a pipe or separate flue — no more lousy air – no more soot and ashes. Our burners look excellent on a sideboard, as a focal point, in your own design (get inspired by our Instagram account). Use your imagination. Please for safety, read the instructions before including a live flame in any construction of your own.


Harmless to humans and the environment, TenderFuel does not release particles or other substances regarded as being harmful. TenderFuel is not toxic - and believe it or not - it doesn't burn either. TenderFuel will only burn in combination with our patented wick. You can safely store TenderFuel at home. IMPORTANT! TenderFuel must not be compared to or used as an alternative to bioethanol, lamp oil or other flammable liquids – or vice versa.


Typically wicks burn, disintegrate and become soot and particles. This is not the case with our patented steel wicks - they last forever and do not need any form of maintenance. Should anything affect or diminish the performance of your steel wick, when using it according to the manual, will replace it. There are already 650,000 wicks burning around Europe without a single wick being returned to us, nor have we had any technical complaints. Every wick comes with a lifetime warranty.


Med en innsats fra TenderFlame kan du få levende og dansende flammer i en åpen peis der hvor du sliter med dårlig trekk eller ikke har lov til å brenne i lenger. Våre brennere trenger ikke pipe eller eget avtrekk. Brennerne er lette å plassere og du slipper ved og aske. De kan også brukes slik de er på en skjenk eller som brenner i en løsning man bygger selv. Det er neste bare fantasien som setter grenser bare man følger instruksene for installasjon og bruk.