Burners and grates

With a TenderFlame burner you can enjoy lively, dancing flames in any exisessay writing templatesing, open fireplace. Our burners will work even if your flue has poor draught or if you must align with local restrictions for open stoves or periods when use is restricted due to local air pollution. Our burners do not need a flue or a separate extract. The burners are easy to place and you do not need to deal with heavy wood or ashes. The burners can also be used as they are – on for instance a sideboard or fit into a design you make yourself. It is only the imagination that sets limits. Make sure that you follow the instructions for insdissertation help ustallation and use – do not use any other fuel than TenderFuel.

TenderFlame ClassicTenderFlame Classic
TenderFlame 90
TenderFlame 180
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