Hang your TenderFlame on any surface.

You can hang the fireplace on silk wallpaper, wooden walls, plaster, tiles, glass – in fact, on any surface. TenderFlame’s special air flow is engineered so that it does not get hot in the gap between the fireplace and the wall. The heat is released out at the front of the fireplace into the room, where we want it.

Most people manage to mount the fireplace themselves. In the manual (please read this carefully) you will see how easy this is - and also which tools you will need. In the manual you will also find instructions on correct use and how to prevent for any undesired situations occur.


Chimney free TenderFlame fireplaces are especially suited for modern apartments. New homes usually have balanced ventilation and heat recovery, which makes it both expensive and complicated to have an ambient fireplace - to date. A TenderFlame fireplace produces sufficient heat for it to have effect on cold days, but not so much so that the room becomes a sauna. Even gas fireplaces can prove to be far too hot. With TenderFlame you will not need venting or a flue because there is no smoke. Which would be the case with natural gas (exhaust) and with smoke from burning wood.


Pack up and bring the fireplace?? Yes, it should not be permanently fixed to the wall. You do not need a craftsman to assemble of mount it either. You only need a level and an electric drill. If you can’t live without a fireplace (you are not the only one ...) you simply take the fireplace along to your next home. Statistically, when selling a property - a higher price is payed for apartments with views, parking, outside area - and with a fireplace*.


Normally, a wick will burn, disintegrate and become soot and particles. This is not the case with our patented steel wick - they last forever and do not need any maintenance. Should anything happen to your steel wick, will give you a new one. There are already 650,000 wicks burning around Europe. We have not had a single one in return nor have we had any customer complaints.

Every steel wick carries a lifetime warranty.


Not harmful for humans or nature. Does not release particles or other substances in any significant number. TenderFuel is not toxic - and believe it or not - it doesn't burn either only in combination with the patented wick. ​

You can safely store TenderFuel at home. TenderFuel must not be compared to bioethanol, lamp oil or other flammable liquids. TenderFuel is totally safe harmless – never the less, please read the instructions in order to prevent any undesired situation.