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TenderFlame Jazz 180


An ideal solution for every flat without a chimney. The living flame is visible from 3 sides. Modern design made in aluminium with grey and black coating. It comes as a complete unit, just place it next to a wall and you have a fireplace ready in less than 15 minutes after you brought it into your house.

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Ikke farlig for mennesker eller naturen. Avgir ikke partikler eller andre stoffer som er skadelige. TenderFuel er ikke giftig – og tro det eller ei – det brenner ikke heller. TenderFuel brenner bare sammen med den evigvarende veken.

​Du kan trygt lagre TenderFuel hjemme. Dette må ikke sammenlignes med bioetanol, lampeolje eller andre lett antennelige væsker. TenderFuel kan du trygt helle rett i vasken.

Additional information


• Freestanding fireplace
• Coated aluminium chassis
• Coated burning chamber
• Protection glass on both side of the wick
• 18 cm flat steel wick
• Lifetime warranty on the wick
• Lid
• Tank 1 litre
• Burning time approx. 4 hours on one litre
• Approx. 2000 watt burner
• TenderFuel – the safe and clean fuel
• No soot
• No odour
• Safe
• Colour anthracite and black
• H170 x B38 x D38 cm
• Weight 26 kg




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