TenderFlame – How it works

TenderFlame is a new concept that enables you to enjoy the beauty of a lively flickering flame wherever and whenever you choose. It is easy to install and is simple and safe to use. It is probably the safest option on the market.

This clever invention is the result of years of testing and development and combines TenderFuel and the patented SteelWick stainless steel wick.
The fuel is a non flammable and non toxic liquid with a flashpoint as high as 104* Celsius (219* Fahrenheit ). This special wick allows the liquid to obtain this temperature when you light it with e.g. a lighter. The SteelWick and burner are constructed such that the desired temperature is reached only on the very top of the wick. The liquid in the container remains well below 104* Celsius which prevents the liquid from evaporating.
The wick transfers very little heat to the rest of the unit. The air flows around the wick in a calculated stream, to cool the burner whilst making the desired mixture of air and liquid vapor.

The wick is made up of several layers of stainless steel mesh. Feeding the wick is done by the capillary action, made possible from the overlapping layers of steel and from the heat produced from the top of the wick.

TenderFuel can be stored in unlimited quantities and transported/shipped without any ADR limitations. When stored evaporation will be minimal and the fuel will not produce any odor.

If the burner is accidentally tipped over the fuel will not ignite. TenderFuel only ignites if the heat exceeds 104 degrees Centigrade.

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