The world’s No1 Cross-Country skier

Yes – it’s all about winning!

We want to be part of Therese’s journey. Share her determination to win the position at the top of the podium and, and in the hearts of people both in the arena and beyond. Her great success is the result and an iron will to win, a support team that allows her to focus on the “job” and a group of friends who cheer her along. It is that way with us too! We also work relentlessly to be able to offer climate-friendly and cosy flames to everyone. With our intelligent “support system”, we have developed emission-friendly flames in flue and chimney-free fireplaces, in table burners, as well as alternative inserts to existing open wood fires – solutions that bring joy both in and outside the house.

Therese will win both gold and fans – as we hope will be the same for us. Our fireplaces are manufactured in Norway for easy use in all countries. We encourage and promote Norwegian and Scandinavian design. TenderFlame retails in an increasing number of countries – mainly in Europe – but also further afield. It is really quite simple when you get right down to it – it’s all to do with a cosy, 100% safe to use flame – that is the sole reason why TenderFlame is finding new friends – in Denmark, Sweden, France, Holland, Germany and in the rest of Northern Europe.

We will support Therese and her team this season too. We are sure
that she will achieve great success – and so shall we!